Would you like to come and work with us at KDD? We need a conscientious and reliable someone to work in our Clydebank warehouse fulfilling customer orders and managing our inventory. It’s a part-time but permanent role four mornings a week. We are really excited to have someone new on board, and any relevant experience you might bring with hand-knitting, mailroom management, distribution, textiles, publishing, tech etc will be advantageous . . . If you are interested, or know someone who might be, please apply with CV, references and cover letter via the S1Jobs portal:. Please don’t send a speculative email – we have a process for handling applications soley through the website. Thank you!

24 thoughts on “join us!

  1. Hi Kate – by coincidence i’d been wondering if you’d be interested in an internship for a social science PhD student through the Scottish Graduate School Social Sciences. These are three month posts and you’d get someone with excellent research skills? If you might be interested then give me a shout: Mhairi.mackenzie@gladgow.ac.uk


  2. I’ll add myself to the “if onlys”! It would probably end up costing me money to work for you – it would be hard to resist all of the beautiful yarn!! But I’d be willing to give it a try if you’d be willing to open a shop in Ottawa, Canada!!

    As a fallback, we’re planning on doing the West Highland Way next year. Does anyone have any thoughts on whether it’s better to go in the spring or the fall? (Summer is not an option).


  3. If you are still hiring for similar positions in 7 or so years when I retire, I will definitely hop on over to the website and apply. I know it would mean relocating, but that is one spot in the world I would love to live. For now I will enjoy the web posts and Tom’s lovely photos.

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  4. You’re going to have loads of messages now saying how they’d love to apply if only they lived nearby! Me included! Congratulations on the expansion!

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  5. Would love to apply, but the commute from Vancouver, BC, would be an issue – LOL! Cheers to the lucky candidate!



  6. I have transferred your email to my daughter in the States who is really looking to get out. Trouble is, they are a family of four to feed. You don’t need a chemist as well do you?


    1. Me encantaría ,lejos estoy pero sería el sueño deseado ,ya soy grande tengo 47 años ,difícil de que me contraten ,pero sería feliz de trabajar con ustedes ,hace dos años cerré mí comercio de otro rubro ,pero se atender al público .ojalá encuentren a la persona calificada .


  7. I would give anything to come work for at KDD unfortunately, am currently miles away in Kenya doing a finance degree…If you had offices here;that would be a different


  8. Sounds like a heavenly job. Please let me know when you expand your operations to the US – I know it is only a matter of time!!!


  9. Would love nothing more than to pick up and move to Scotland! I have tons of experience in textiles and retail sales having been an apparel buyer and manager of a small locally owned business for over 30 years – alas, I’m afraid you have tons of qualified applicants within the UK ;o)

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  10. My province just elected one of the most unethical politicians around. I have one year left till retire as a teacher, so I can’t tell you how tempting an ad like this is (not including the pulling up stakes, moving to another country and all that entails, etc). So many here just want to run away. So thanks for giving me a momentary dream! :)

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    1. At least for you it is only a province. For some of us, it’s our entire country. I do sympathize—and empathasize. Knitting is a help for my blood pressure. I hope it is also for yours. Thank you for your work as a teacher.

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