We have re-released the Tortoise and Hare Gauntlets pattern in association with the Handywoman launch.

So if you pre-order a copy of Handywoman, you’ll receive a complementary download of the gauntlets pattern!

The original photography of the original gauntlets (which I knitted and designed way back in 2010, sheesh) was taken in Victoria Park, opposite where I then lived, in Edinburgh.

I remember that the day we took those photographs I was suffering pretty badly from neurological fatigue (as I routinely did, during the first few years after my stroke). It took a lot for me just to haul myself from the sofa (where I spent a lot of time sitting and knitting) and to walk a hundred yards across the road, to hug a tree, while Tom took a photo. You may not be able to see it, but I know from my face in this photo that I was totally exhausted.

Today I am very happy to say that neuro-fatigue is rare, rather than routine. I am still much more tortoise than I am hare, but perhaps I am a little more hare-like than I was. I can cope with so much more than my old circuit of the park – indeed, I walk outside for a few miles every day. But I still like hugging trees.

This tree, as you know, is a particular favourite.

So where better to photograph the new gauntlets?

I confess when I was thinking about possible new shades of Milarrochy Tweed a few months ago, I’d decided in advance that we had to have a hare shade . . . just so I could knit some hares – with hare!

Hare is a beautiful, soft dun colour with pale blue tweedy flecks. Perfect.

The gauntlets’ other shades – Horseback Brown, Bruce and Hirst – work together to create a beautifully soft neutral palette which I just love.

In short, I’m very happy with the way that pattern and yarn work together.

As you can see from these images, the weather in the west of Scotland has been pretty amazing lately.

It’s not often that dazzlingly bright sunshine creates a challenge on one of our photoshoots.

But such was the case last week!

The Tortoise and Hare Gauntlets are available in their newly-reissued form as a Ravelry download, or you can receive the pattern for free with the Handywoman pre-order offer. I hope you enjoy knitting yourself a pair. It’s a pattern that means an awful lot to me.

15 thoughts on “Tortoise and Hare photoshoot

  1. We were there last week (visiting from the US) during that lovely weather. Did you see us wave as we drove past Milarrochy Bay on the west side of the Loch? No? I was afraid not. But I thought about you and told my family that you live nearby!

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  2. Congratulations! And can I put in a wish that your posts tell us what you are wearing when modeling your designs? Your styling is superb.


  3. I can’t knit! But these are BEAUTIFUL and I’d definitely buy a pair, if I could! Maybe you could look at having some made to sell??

    You’ve had an incredible journey. What an inspiration!


  4. I especially love the second photo, where you peek out from behind the tree with a giant grin on your face! I can almost imagine you were playing hide and seek…and hollered “Surprise”!
    Thanks for sharing!


  5. Is the color on my monitor off, or do I detect a shade of blue in the gauntlets at the base of the fingers and in one of the braids? I do so love them just as they are, and want to knit them for the coming winter.


  6. When we flew back to Oz from Dublin we desired our car late and on the airport apron were hares as plentiful as kangas in an Australian paddock great big healthy red heads as cocky as you like. One of the best memories of that trip. Hugs WAH.


  7. Hares are my spirit animal. We have a few on the outskirts of our Cornish village, but changes in farming practice have really impacted the population, and people still go out lamping for them on occasion, even though it’s illegal. I was in heaven in New Zealand, where, as an introduced species (obviously not good in that regard), they are numerous and quite bold.


  8. I love the photos of you hugging that special, skinny tree. And I love the tortoise and hare gauntlets! Your trousers caught my eye…they look fabulous…..would love to see the pattern for them??


  9. One of my favorite sayings is “slow makes fast and fast makes slow.” It was a quote on top of the weighing balance in a chemistry lab. It’s the same premise as the tortoise and the hare but when said out loud it makes others stop and ponder. I love how you’ve connected this concept with your recovery. Beautiful, powerful, and inspiring. Thank you for sharing your story with others.


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