Anyone who has brought a new puppy home will know that it can be quite tiring.

Like any puppy his age, Bobby is pretty nutty and full-on and requires lots of focused training. But this is all part of the fun.

Bobby is now house trained.

He knows “sit” and “lie down”

he can fetch a toy

He is learning a lot from Bruce (though Bruce is often not terribly interested in being a teacher)

He is very sweet and very funny.

We love having him around.

57 thoughts on “Bobby is learning

  1. Yes I can so relate, when I brought my puppy, Kapi home, i was lost and I engrossed myself in learning all i could about how to take care and house train him which was an exciting process. After a few months he was house trained and socially adopted to people.


  2. Clearly there’s a pro taking the photos (I have tried so many times to take good photos of our black cat, Loretta, with very mixed results). Thank you for sharing what a (handful and) darling he is!


  3. Congratulations on your new addition! Utterly adorable. Looking forward to hearing Bruce’s take on his new sibling in fur.


  4. He looks so sweet, but knowing labs and knowing pups I bet he is quite a handful! Nothing but the best of wishes for your full house. Love from California 😘🐾❤️


  5. A baby in the house…pure joy! These are good days. Thanks for keeping us posted. Love the pictures and the updates!



  6. Hello Bobby. I am glad Bruce is taking to having a wee brother. My dreams of one day meeting Bruce will now include you. Welcome to the knitty family.


  7. Oh! The joy of having a puppy… Wish the four of you all the best! Have fun! And please post a lot of pictures from both Bruce and Bobby!


  8. How fun to be able to enjoy another puppy and one with such expression! I’m sure that Bruce will soon become the benevolent leader. For a period of time we seemed to have an adult dog around when we brought home a puppy. It is amazing how much the puppy will learn from the other.


  9. He loves you too, just look at those beautiful eyes. In a couple photos he seems to be watching you, or Tom awaiting direction on “how to do it right” He wants to be a good boy and learn his manners. He is adorable, such a sweet little puppy face. Hugs and kisses to Bobby.


  10. Woody here Bobby…my mate Bruce is the best so stay close to him and you’ll do OK. Remember that some big people do not enjoy playing with a cuddly little teeth on legs. I know this from back when I was knee high to a grasshopper..

    Hi to Bruce….just had a big bark at the roos on the other side of the fence. Catchya later…. Woody

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