In recent months, I’ve been enjoying developing a small collection of lighter knits in Milarrochy Tweed. I’ve just published the final design in this collection – St Catherines.

I seem to be exploring dolman and batwing-esque sleeves a lot in my design work at the moment. With St Catherines, I wanted to design a really simple, useful summer cardigan: something you might knit at the beach, and then be able to throw on in the evening if you were going out somewhere nice for supper.

I think of this cardigan style as something between a shrug and a shawl, covering the shoulders, arms, and upper body.

Could I create an upper-body-covering piece of fabric, then extend the sleeves and body so that it grew into more of a jacket?

This is how St Catherines is shaped.

You start by knitting the body, from the bottom up, developing the sleeves integrally.

The shoulders are joined with a three-needle bind off, and further length is added to the sleeves, knitting downward from the elbow.

Then the back and collar are shaped, using a really simple short row technique, in which you just pick up stitches, knit, and shape, progressively.

Finally, an edging is added all around the cardigan, concluding with an i-cord.

The end result is a very simple, but pleasingly structured, almost multi-directional piece. The squooshy garter stitch just works so nicely with the Milarrochy Tweed. . .

Once bound off, the finishing is minimal (just a few ends to weave in) – you can shrug on your shrug and head out the door!

I’m wearing St Catherines here in the first size, with just a few inches of ease (to allow the fronts to connect and overlap at an angle), but I think this is a garment which also looks great worn with much more ease – I’ll be able to show you photographs of a larger sample, with 8-9 inches of ease, which has also been knitted slightly differently.

We took these photographs on the pier at St Catherines on the shore of Loch Fyne.

Its a couple of months since they were taken, and I find it curious looking at them since my appearance has recently undergone quite a radical change. . .

You’ll see that alteration in the photographs of the second St Catherines sample . . . more of which soon.

St Catherines is now available on Ravelry as a single pattern, or in kit form in the shop. As with many Milarrochy Tweed projects, I think it’s quite a reasonably priced garment to knit, with kit prices starting at just under £40.

41 thoughts on “St Catherines

  1. Hi! Almost finished with my St Catherine’s kit for my daughter, and curious about the larger and slightly different version. I’ve seen the pictures. Will you be publishing the changes to knit the more oversized type? Thank you.


  2. Hi! will you be publishing this collection as one of your books? I like many of the designs and would like to purchase them together if possible, let me know to decide if I should buy some individually or all together when is available.


  3. I LOVE this shrug and I am stunned by your beautiful use of colours. I’m keen to see the different look one gets with using increased ease as I am already imagining more that one of these in different sizes for that very reason. as for lack of height and post menopausal looks mentioned by some above, I’m in that category but definitely going to be wearing this shrug with some summer dresses. can i suggest that it will be fine so long as you are happy with the way your dress looks on you. keep up the good work Kate.


  4. Not only am I admiring your new design but also those fabulous red shoes.
    Do you mind telling us where we might find a similar pair?
    Thank you and happy knitting


  5. Hi this cardigan is beautiful. Is there instructions for using 2colours. I love the colour way on your latest blog about your new look


  6. Oh, it’s beautiful!! Alas, my body type (weight in tummy!) just cannot do things that draw attention to that area. Makes me sad to say it, but I am happy to keep celebrating those birthdays, which see to come with extra tummy!


  7. Beautiful design! How hard would it be to add a buttonhole to close it? I have a lovely special button which I’d love to use in a special place like this.


  8. I meant enough said from me, Kate you keep talking to us I love your posts. I love all of your patterns and their their inspiration too.


  9. Beautiful sweater! As always with a Kate Davies Design! Your style is an inspiration……as well as the way you live——open hearted and always ready to take on a new idea or activity!! So glad I “know” you!!! Thanks.


  10. I love this pattern. Looks like a great one when you want to knit, accomplish something, and not have to think too much! But, I was hoping to knit from my stash. Don’t think I have enough fingering weight. Wish you had this pattern for multiple weights of wool.


  11. Excellent news! Hope you are well and happy.
    One question about the shrug. I’m short and overweight. Has anyone tried on this shrug who is more my proportions, and how has it fit. It is stunning on you, but shrugs are not always a good choice for me. I do love a great shrug, though.


  12. Congratulations! I’m assuming you’re pregnant. If so, it’s wonderful news. Just please don’t flood us with hundreds of baby knit patterns. Love this shrug! Definitely going to make this soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. I always thoroughly enjoy your designs and your writing on designing and life! This post is no exception. One question: any chance you could show an example of this worn open? It’s how I tend to wear shrugs and cardis😊


  14. My firstt comment Kate after so many beautiful and inspiring pieces and additional text…every week looking forward to it… this week I received the Millarochy parcel for my first Kate Davies project, the Strathendrick sweater. Your e-mails inspire me as a psycho therapist and ofcourse as a knitter .
    Looking forward to everything yet to come!
    X marjan


  15. This is one of my most favourite of your designs. I wear a shrug style quite a lot. Mmm mmm.. have you cut your hair? I think you would really suit a short pixie-ish style 😁 I’m watching this space avidly to see the new look (and the variation on the shrug of course).

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  16. Hello Kate, what a gorgeous shrug, the best shrug pattern I have seen, such clever construction, and Tarbert is the most perfect colour blue. I await photos of the larger size worn in a different way.
    Intrigued by your comment on a change in your appearance, perhaps connected to all that open water swimming that you have been doing?
    You look so fabulous in your red dress and blue shrug, keep on designing these beautiful patterns.


  17. Just my type of garment, both to knit and to wear. I enjoyed my last knitting project with Millarochy tweed, it’s lovely to work with.
    A change in shape, ahem? I am guessing but will wait to see pictures of the ‘larger’ garment…

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