Handywoman is published!

Just thought I’d drop in to let you know that Handywoman has now been published and that all pre-ordered copies have been shipped.

Handywoman was expertly printed at Bell and Bain Glasgow . . . from where it crossed the river, and travelled just a few miles to our warehouse in Clydebank. . . would you like to see what’s involved with packing and shipping a whole lot of books?

As I was folding book wraps yesterday it occurred to me again that I’ve enjoyed being involved in every stage of this book’s production . . . from the initial idea, through the research and writing; from the image on the cover, through the printing and publishing and finally, here in the KDD warehouse, to the packing and shipping.

Is it ok to feel a wee bit proud? I think I do.

Thanks to Tom for the crazy time-lapse, and to the whole KDD team for their combined sterling efforts in the warehouse this week. And if you’ve ordered a copy of Handywoman, I hope you enjoy it!