Now I can introduce the second of the two yoke styles we’ve developed with Harley of Scotland – Finnich. Like Duntreath, the garment is knitted using Harley’s innovative seamless technology and, like Duntreath we’ve used JC Rennie lambswool, but worked at a heavier weight and gauge. Finnich is a super-cosy aran weight sweater, featuring simple chevrons, and bold blocks of colour.

Some of you may remember my Iceland-inspired Jökull design, featuring similar motifs, which I created for my Yokes collection.

And Finnich is another richly-coloured zigzagging yoke in which Mel looks fantastic.

Mel and I are both wearing Finnich in the first size. Mel has a 34in bust (and is wearing the garment with 3 inches positive ease); I have a 31in bust (and am wearing the garment with 6 inches of positive ease).

If you are interested in the fabulous Rennie colourways we’ve used for Finnich, the shades of Mel’s sweater are storm (body) rust, mole, pecan and graphite green in the yoke, while the body of my sweater is knitted in oatmilk (a wonderful calm neutral) with teal dust, loden, spruce and moon shadow in the yoke.

Like Duntreath, Finnich currently comes in 4 sizes, and you’ll find the finished measurements of the garment in the table above. I really hope to be able to extend this size range upwards if these sweaters are a success. As I’m sure you can imagine, developing and producing readymade garments is a big step for me, and represents a substantial investment. Commissioning inventory across a very extensive size range adds further risk, and there are some other manufacturing issues to consider, but I am certainly willing to take that risk if there is a demand for larger sizes. If you would like garments above the range that’s currently offered, please raise your hand and let me know.

It has been very difficult keeping this project under my hat for so many months, and it feels great to finally get our yokes out in the open, as it were – and just in time for some cooler weather!

Mel, Jane and I hope you might enjoy wearing Finnich and Duntreath as much as we do!

28 thoughts on “Finnich

  1. Those are truly amazing looking sweaters. Well done, Kate.

    Having shed a lot of excess weight I am no longer in the market for plus-sized sweaters. However I still have a 22″ underarm, so knit my own. Any plans for special production for long people? Or maybe when you’re more established?


  2. Well, this is not about your new sweaters, as lovely as they are. This is about Handywoman, which I received in the mail yesterday evening and which I have just finished reading. Wow. I am a relatively able-bodied woman, but I’ve had my share of issues and I turned 65 this year, so your book hit home. Why is it that we have to be literally knocked off our feet to see that our lives must change? How do we deal every day with limitations, of whatever sort? (I’m a conservation biologist; I know I am fighting a losing battle, no matter how hard I work.) Why don’t I make more time for knitting, spinning, weaving, because I know I love all three? Why don’t I embrace my interdependence and hire someone to mow the lawn/vacuum the house/paint the rooms, so I do have more time to walk with friends, cook good food, knit an allover sweater, perhaps spun from the Shetlands my friends raise? Why are we all like this? Thank you for prodding me to think; I suspect I will be reading your book over and over again.

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  3. Both your jumpers are beautiful – many, many congratulations, you are such an amazingly talented designer. I’m someone who would appreciate larger sizes in these jumpers, and, if it was at all possible, a bit longer length in the body. Presumably this would incur an extra cost for the garment but I, for one, would be very happy to pay that extra. (BTW I’m talking about UK size 20 or 22).

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  4. These are beautiful! Congratulations on taking such a huge next step in Kate Davies Designs :)

    P.S. I’m loving the bottoms you’re wearing in these photos – any information on them?


  5. These are all simply gorgeous and were I to think of buying one I would need a larger size. I have long endorsed seamless knitting, either from the bottom or from the top, and as this does not involve the dreaded cutting down the front as some of your YOKE patterns did, I am going to go for it on my own.
    The YOKE book might help me with the wool quantities and I shall start with the rather more simple design.
    Wish me luck! I think you and Tom and the dogs are a complete inspiration – AND I have started bookbinding, so huge gratitude to Tom for that.
    Retirement is a joyful journey of discovery!

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  6. Both designs are gorgeous. I live a couple of miles from Milladen Mill, and use Rennie wool all the time in my own knitting so I’d love to own them. New clothes are not within my budget this year though so I’m hoping that they’ll be available again next Autumn.

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  7. I LOVE the colours in these two jumpers, stunning! So evocative of mountain landscapes. So useful to have your and Mel’s sizing information too.


  8. Your jumpers are lovely and look perfect on you but I am a size 20 (working at reducing that but will still have broad shoulders) . I have just learnt to knit top down and hope to have a go at making one of these.


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