A few of you have asked about my interview with Selvedge magazine, so I thought I’d reproduce it here:

Originally published in Selvedge issue 84 (September, 2018)

8 thoughts on “interview

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this fine article. I read every post from start to end and am always so enlightened and encouraged by your work and your steadfast commitment to overcoming challenges.


  2. Thank you Kate for sharing this article. I finished your Handywoman book and it was inspiring and supportive to me. Your writing skills are as amazing as your knitting skills! When you shared your childhood I could actually see it in my head…Wow! I for one would not know how I could manage without my knitting community. Those close by and those I have only met online mean the world to me. You are a part of that, thank you.


  3. It is always a joy to see a new email from you. Without any prior knowledge of your stroke,
    your work is beautiful, and inspiration to make lovely things by hand. Learning abour what you have overcome adds another layer of respect for you and how you live your life. Anyone who is struggling will find great inspiration in your story. Thank you for sharing your work and your creativity with us. Sharon


  4. Dear Kate, every time I read one of your articles you inspire me. You have achieved so much after your stroke when I know others may have felt like giving up. I love your designs and your blog. I wish you continuing success in all your ventures.


  5. I just finished reading Handywoman, and I know it will resonate deeply for a long time. I wanted to thank you for putting so much of yourself, and yet so selflessly, into this book. You managed to explain many aspects of disability in thoughtful detail, and I was very moved by your description of the supporttive and creative sisterhood which is the knitting community.


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