mair heids

We are now over half-way through our Milarrochy Heids reveal. Pre-orders of the book will remain open until Friday 30th November – which is the last day for purchasing with free shipping. The book will be published this coming weekend (hurrah!) and we will begin shipping out your orders early next week (3rd). I’m so looking forward to getting this beautiful book out into the world! We are also in the process of setting up individual yarn packs for each heid in the KDD shop – so if there’s a hat you would particularly like to knit, you’ll be able to order your yarn for it at the click of a button in just a few short day’s time.

I’ve revealed some beautiful heids over the past few days – such as Jennifer Donze’s delightful Cottage Garden.

Inspired by her grandmother’s favourite blooms, Cottage Garden comes in the clematis colourway (which Mel is wearing, above) or in Peony, which I’m sporting with an optional pompom below.

I am really pleased to be able to include two heids from talented Krakòw-based designer (and classical philologist), Justyna Haberkula in this collection. The first, Medieval Arches, is inspired by Baroque decoration of Gothic church architecture.

This inventive heid combines travelling stitches, colourwork, and bobbles to really stunning effect.

Justyna’s second design is named Sambucus – after the elder plant by which it was inspired.

Knit in a rich purple, the hat immediately suggests elderberries, but by replacing Milarrochy Tweed shade gloamin’ with garth, you could easily knit a green elderflower hat instead.

This next heid is perhaps the collection’s most charming – and it is the work of Canadian designer, Lynette Meek

Inspired by the songs of Harry Lauder (which were much beloved by her grandmother) Roamin’ features lace, colourwork, and a trio of fabulous thistle tassels.

I love the cheery and nostalgic feel of this tam – and every time I see these lovely photos of Mel’s heid in this heid, find myself compelled to whistle a familiar tune . . .

Today’s hat is another personal favourite – Every Flavour, by Sarah Mackay.

This fabulous heid combines twelve shades of Milarrochy Tweed into a stunning sequence of colourful waves and welts

Shaped by short rows, the waves undulate gently around the hat, with each welt adding contrast. I think the Milarrochy Tweed palette is shown to great effect in Sarah’s hat . . .

. . . whose shape is slightly slouchy, and finished with an optional pom.

I am incredibly pleased with the range of hats we’ve gathered together in Milarrochy Heids – there are so many different styles and techniques to choose from – and it makes me very happy to see Milarrochy Tweed used so inventively, in such a wide variety of ways. My thanks, again, to all the designers! I will be back on Friday to show you the final group of hats from the collection.

happy heid knitting!