Hello, everyone

Things have been a bit quiet around here – largely because I’m busy working on the Knitting Season club. As well as the designs, the club involves a 12-week essay series (a course, if you like) exploring a range of different approaches to creative practice. These essays are polemical, and are meant to prompt reflection (or even argument), in a way that (hopefully) enables everyone to define and explore their own creative approach. It’s a rather different kind of writing to what I’ve been doing of late, and I’m really enjoying it – though the process can be somewhat all-consuming (this amount of focus leaves me feeling a bit unkempt and wild of eye). If you aren’t a club member, the series will be published as a book later this Spring.

Anyway, I just thought I’d pop in and let you know the exciting news that our new yarn will be launching this weekend. Knitting Season club members will get a first look at it, together with a brand new pattern, first thing on Friday morning; then there will be a post here with all the information you need about the yarn (probably around lunchtime) and the yarn itself will be available in our shop that day too.

This yarn is a very different – but very beautiful – addition to the KDD range. It has been produced in collaboration with a supplier with whom we’ve had a really productive and mutually supportive relationship for many years. I’m really looking forward to sharing it with you.

See you on Friday!

20 thoughts on “new yarn! launching friday

  1. This might be a silly question, but are the weekly exercises sent on Sunday, in the book sent at the end of the club? I can’t do the weekly assignments right now, but will certainly do them later. I can print them easily if not. It might be interesting to do them yearly!

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  2. Waiting with bated breath here in Port Townsend for the launch of the new yarn. I have not had time yet to listen to Brahms or even work on the exercises much. Life is busy being challenging right now, but this anticipation is helping a good deal! Just one more sleep, as someone in this group (or was it Rav?) usually says! Onward!


  3. Kate, I am so grateful for your Knitting Season essays, there are just what I need to get out of (what felt like) a creative block. I became paralyzed worrying about the worthiness of my work. Is it unique enough, interesting enough, would others like it? I now know to create what appeals to me, and not try to guess what others would like. Your essays are gently leading me back through contemplation and exploration. Discovering one’s own way is a journey, and I thank you for shining a light on the path. P.S. I’m so excited to receive my Knitting Season journal and vow to mark it up!!

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  4. Same experience with today’s email (today is Thursday!) about the new yarn, I met with a “page not found” message when I clicked the link. BUT, I suspect the email went out in error because I read that the launch was scheduled for Friday, tomorrow.


  5. What a treat to have a peek at the new yarn tomorrow! I was patiently waiting for February.
    I had a little smile when I saw the beautiful knitting season jumper being worn by you Kate and you wear it well, but we have had a record summer temp recorded in South Australia today of 49 degrees! Celsius! Have been knitting with Milarrochy tweed, it really is a fabulous yarn to knit in the warmer months. (A Pabaigh hopefully.)
    Good luck with your yarn launch, and have been really enjoying the essays on Sundays. You are such a talented writer and knitter.

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  6. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Knitting Season so far! Thank you for taking on the writing and inspiration for all of us. I can only imagine how much work that entails, but please know how amazingly helpful it is! Today I did the same creative process 10 times over. Repeating myself. Such amazing advice!! I’m finally getting there with my own motif for my knitting season sweater. Can’t wait to see the new yarn and see what else comes next!

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  7. OH woman, you always leave us ‘hanging’ LOL I want to comment on the Repeat post. That was very instructive and that St Antoni piece? I listen and cried! No idea why but it really touched me. Listened to it several times and will again. Thank you.


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