a fresh new shade

Hello all, it’s Jane here.

I’m very excited to reveal a wonderful new shade of Milarrochy Tweed yarn. 

Cowlsip Milarrochy Tweed-3

Introducing Cowslip.

Cowlsip Milarrochy Tweed-52

A member of the Primula family (Latin name: Primula veris), Cowslip is a happiness-inducing yellow flower which heralds spring-time in the fertile pastures, woodlands and meadows throughout Britain and northern and central Europe in April, May and early June.

Cowlsip Milarrochy Tweed-42

The brightness of this yellow yarn is tempered and cooled by flecks of pale blue and white in it’s tweedy neps, reminiscent of an early morning dew or late Spring frost on the petals of the flower.


Our Milarrochy Tweed yarn, which is 70% wool and 30% mohair, now comes in 16 beautiful colours. In today’s shop update you will find refreshed shade card sheep and Milarrochy Tweed Sampler Packs containing one ball of yarn in each colour.

2 new yarn kits


Over the past few weeks I’ve been learning to knit using Buachaille – a 2 ply, worsted weight yarn and New Lanark Chunky, but I was keen to see if I could knit with the single ply, fingering yarn – Milarrochy Tweed. The arrival of the brand new Cowslip shade, and my fascination with yellow, proved too much to resist. 


Until now I’ve been working through the book for knitting beginners, Knit How. This hat is my first project from one of Kate’s books. The pattern is Let’s Stripe, by Ute Vos, which features in Milarrochy Heids

Lets Stripe_10 copy

Ute’s hat design incorporated twelve colours of Milarrochy Tweed.

To give the new Cowslip the space to shine, I have teamed it up with only two complimentary shades of Smirr (blue) and Birkin (grey).


I made my own chart!


I love how my stitches have created shape and pattern.


Look at the beautiful swirl of the crown.



Mel quickly knitted up this Polkagris kerchief and chose the classic colourway of grey and yellow (Birkin & Cowslip). 


Kate designed the Polkagris as a lightweight summer knit for 2018 publication, Shore, but I’ve found it really comfortable to wear when there’s a cool spring breeze too.


Kits for both the Let’s Stripe hat and Polkagris kerchief in the new colour ways are now available in today’s shop update.