O w l s

Recently Kate suggested that for my next project I could have a go at her iconic Owls sweater pattern. Now, as you will know if you have been following my learn to knit journey, it had only been three months since I had picked up the needles again so a sweater felt like a mighty challenge (never mind a sweater with cable owls!).

Not one to shy away from a challenge, I cast on in a beautiful shade of New Lanark Chunky ‘Blossom’, which coincided perfectly with the arrival of the soft pink cherry blossom appearing on the avenue outside my home.


It’s only three tubes, I told myself, as I knit the body of my sweater. I will worry about the cable owls when I get there. The body and sleeves grew fairly quickly, and soon I had my three tubes.


Having joined the yoke, I looked out my new cable needle and embarked upon fashioning the happy little owls I had spent hours studying photos of. I just couldn’t imagine how they appeared! After a few rounds it fell into place in my brain. It’s still the knits and purls I know, just worked in a different order. I am utterly fascinated by the ability of the knitter to create such complex shape, form and texture in the fabric, almost like carving out a sculpture from the yarn. Amazing.

The remainder of my sweater was swiftly completed, albeit with one slightly stressful session of ripping back the owls heads (ouch!).


I knit my first ever sweater!


I chose to knit my owls in the 5th size with 4.5 inches of positive ease (I have a 36” bust) and added 1 inch to the length of the sleeves.


My new sweater got it’s first outing this week on a breezy visit to the pretty seaside village of Tighnabruaich on the Cowal Peninsula.


On the way to deliver some of my artwork to the Tighnabruaich Gallery, Sam managed to capture a few photographs among the hills and trees and out on the coast when the sun made an appearance.


And look.

Owls New Lanark-33

Mel made a gorgeous Como blue sample too!

Owls New Lanark-65

There are now four New Lanark colourways of the Owls kits in the shop – here.

If you don’t already have it, the world-famous Owls sweater pattern is available – here.

Edited to correct the size I actually knitted!