Harriet’s hat

Have you heard about the Shetland MRI scanner appeal? I know from personal experience just how important MRI scans are, since it was inside one of these machines that my stroke was diagnosed nine years ago. Magnetic resonance imaging is an incredibly important diagnostic tool not just for brain injuries, like my stroke, but for all kinds of bodily conditions affecting everything from bones to blood vessels. At the moment, if you live in Shetland and need an MRI scan you have to make a long journey by plane or boat to Aberdeen or Glasgow. Travel to and from Shetland is frequently disrupted by the weather; patients have to make such journeys in situations of extreme distress and pain; and the financial burden of such journeys to Shetland’s local NHS is very high. Currently, around 600 such journeys to and from the Scottish mainland for essential MRI scans are made from Shetland each year, and this figure is likely to keep on rising.

Shetland knitter, Harriet Middleton, also understands the importance of MRI scans from her own personal experience, having had to travel to and from Aberdeen for regular scans after cancer treatment. So Harriet decided to use her skills to raise money for the Shetland MRI scanner appeal.

Harriet began fundraising by knitting and selling her finished items around Shetland. And she’s now designed a hat pattern to extend the effort to raise funds for Shetland’s MRI scanner around the world. The Harriet’s hat pattern costs just £4 to download as a PDF , with all proceeds going directly to the appeal.

If you’d like to knit your hat in Shetland wool, my friends at Jamieson and Smith have put together a yarn pack and yarn is also available from Jamieson’s of Shetland (remember you’ll need to buy your pattern separately!)

A MRI scanner would make a huge difference both to Shetlanders and to the Shetland NHS. I very rarely use this space for charitable purposes, but feel very strongly about this cause, and hope that you’ll support it.
Kate x

Buy your Harriet’s hat pattern here.
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