Away to Berneray

Hello! Tom here. Kate and I spent all of last week away in Berneray and North Uist, where I’ve been working on a new photographic project (more of which later). Late spring and early summer is a truly beautiful time of year in the Outer Hebrides, and we feel very lucky to be able to spend time in one of our favourite parts of the world.

In early June, the machair springs to life with floral colour, including these orchids of an extraordinary deep red hue (wild orchids can be very tricky to identify, but I think these may be early marsh orchids?)

We saw many nestlings and fledglings when we were out and about – including these cygnets, who were enjoying a ride.

Summer is also the time when cyclists and campers take flight to the Hebrides

I spent some time cycling around North and South Uist with a friend a few years ago, and would heartily recommend a trip on two wheels as a great way to explore these islands. I think the cyclists who were staying in the Berneray youth hostel would agree!

When we weren’t working on my project, we spent a lot of time walking across beaches

and up hills

As well as enjoying North Uist and Berneray on foot (and for reasons I will explain another time), we spent some time listening to the landscape as well.

The special quality of light is always something I enjoy about these islands.

We are now approaching midsummer, and in this part of Scotland ‘golden’ and ‘blue’ hours stretch away toward midnight. Sunsets are slow, drawn out affairs. Every summer evening is different, and every one is beautiful.

Hope you’ve enjoyed seeing these photos from our trip!

Thanks for reading,