Ta Da! Meet Midstream – the fifth pattern release from Bold Beginner Knits

Since I created Rowchoish for the West Highland Way collection, I’ve had a bit of a thing for using simple oblongs to create interesting shapes that wrap around the body. I have so many oblong-y ideas, in fact, that they could probably form their own mini-collection . . . but there’s just one in Bold Beginner Knits. Of all the patterns in the collection, Midstream is the easiest and most straightforward to make, but it’s still a striking-looking piece that’s fun to knit and wear – whatever kind of knitter you are.

Midstream is constructed in one long strip, that’s worked from side to side. . .

A simple slipped-stitch pattern adds texture and structure to the fabric . . .

When the piece is long enough, it is simply folded, to create an envelope that wraps around the body. . .

A pair of cuffs are added, and an edging is worked all around the front opening . . .

And that’s it — a super-cosy, blanket-style cardigan that’s easy to throw on and wrap up in on a chilly evening.

Midstream works up really quickly in Àrd-Thìr.

It’s the perfect piece in which to parade your Bold Beginner skills!

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