a hat and a hill

You may remember that I mentioned I fancied designing and knitting myself a new hat as part of the It’s on Your Heid knit-along, currently running in our Ravelry group

I wanted to create a hat with deep, folded ribbing to cover my chilly ears; which sat on the back of my head (which is how I now wear hats since cutting my hair short); and which perhaps featured an interesting colourwork crown.

Here’s what I made:

this hat has all of those things

and it also co-ordinates quite nicely with my current colour obsession: I can’t seem to get enough of yellow at the moment, but I think I might well knit another sample of this hat in a slightly warmer palette, just to see how it looks, and then I’ll think about a pattern.

We took these photographs around Morrone – a hill in an area of Scotland I’ve really enjoyed finding out more about, as part of the work I’m developing with Applied Arts Scotland (more of this another time). It’s one of those wee hills, with truly spectacular views.

Maybe I’ll name my hat for this hill, on which I enjoyed a fine day’s early winter walking.

How is your hat knitting going? Are you designing a hat of your own, to suit you? What’s on your heid?

Edited to add: the Morrone pattern and Morrone kits are now available