Morrone #2

If you asked me my preference in winter weather, I’d always say cold, crisp and bright. But still and misty is lovely too, sometimes.

I knit a second version of my Morrone hat this week, to test the pattern and try out a different palette. I’m pleased with how it turned out,

This second version features Milarrochy Tweed shade Birkin as the main colour, with Campion, Buckthorn and Cranachan as the contrasts.

It’s really interesting to me how Campion takes on a bluish-purplish hue when juxtaposed with those other, warmer shades.

I love this version of the design, which is certainly competing for my affections with the blue / yellow one (I’m also enjoying wearing bright shades of pink and orange much more since embracing my grey hair).

Knitting both versions of this hat was a real joy, and I am looking forward to getting some proper wear out of both this winter. I’ll have the pattern out soon, hopefully in the coming week.

Am I done with hat knitting for now? I’m honestly not sure . . . if you feel in need of inspiration for your heid, some fabulous hats are starting to appear in the finished thread of our It’s on Your Heid Ravelry knit-along. You can join in the KAL at any time, whether you are knitting a hat from one of my patterns, or working on an original design of your own. Happy hat knitting!

Edited to add: the Morrone pattern and Morrone kits are now available