Today’s Warm Hands pattern is by . . . me! Meet the Haresd mittens.

This project is much more about lending a platform to other designers than it is my own design work. As editor, I waited until the commissioning process was complete, then thought about what might be useful for me to add to the collection to round things out. There are some beautiful mitten designs yet to be revealed, but across all the wonderful mittens and gloves that everyone had contributed, all but one of the patterns that we’d commissioned (Chihiro’s) used thumb gussets (some of which are very cleverly designed!) So I felt I should create a pair of super-simple mittens with an afterthought thumb.

I was working on Bold Beginner Knits around the time I made these mittens, and, like the patterns in that collection, Haresd is a good design for a beginner mitten knitter: a really quick knit in aran-weight yarn, featuring simple colourwork and a very straightforward construction.

There’s contrasting purl stitch texture, a deep garter cuff, and a finishing pop of i-cord.

These are fun mittens to make and the double layer of Àrd-Thìr means they are also very warm to wear!

Knitted in two rich autumnal shades, the mittens take their name from an old Scots word for harvest. They’d look great in completely different colours. I hope you enjoy them.

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