Today’s Warm Hands design is a lovely pair of mitts with several thoughtful and well-designed details that make them an extremely knitterly knit – Craobh

The Croabh mitts are the work of Jenn Wallace.

Knitting and archaelogy have both formed important parts of Jenn’s life since she whipped up her first pair of mitts while working on her university dissertation. Jenn’s now studying for a Masters degree, works as a guide in an historic building, and lives north of KDD in rural Perthshire. Here’s Jenn to tell you more about her design for Warm Hands

“I’m quite an experimental knitter – I design on the hoof and make alterations as I’m working on something. This means a lot of frogging and reknitting until I get a design just the way I like it – but it’s a process that works for me.”

“These mitts evolved that way. I had an idea of the type of mitt I really wanted to wear, but wasn’t completely sure about the details.”

“I wanted small, neat mitts that would be warm but not bulky. I also wanted a bit of interest on the back of the hand so this started as a simple lace band with an organic design – which evolved as I knitted. . . ”

“I made the thumbs oppositional, defining their placement with neat eyelet increases, then I just worked out the top when I got there, shaping the top for a great fit around the hand with a series of short rows. The short rows dip the cuff, fitting the mitt nicely around the palm, and allowing flexibility and freedom of movement while still keeping the fingers warm.”

“The panel combines both lace and cable stitches. I find its structure reminiscent of the slowly growing buds of trees before the leaves finally unfurl.”

Craobh (pronounced Kroov) is Scottish Gaelic for tree.”

I think the name of Jenn’s pattern perfectly suits her organic approach to design. Her lovely mitts are such an interesting knit, the fit is fantastic, and they take less than 50g of Milarrochy Tweed to make. Thanks, Jenn!

Jenn’s one of several talented new designers whose work we are pleased to include in Warm Hands. We’re starting a “new to you” Warm Hands KAL in the KDD Ravelry group, with a focus on trying patterns from new-to-you designers or giving a new-to-you technique a try. Pop over to the group to find out more.

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