Today’s Warm Hands design is the work of Romi Dame la-Lata – a neat wee pair of fingerless mitts, featuring a geometric lace pattern and added texture – called Rhombus. Here’s Romi to tell you more about herself, and her design.

“I was born in a small city in Argentina and moved to Spain in 2002 . . .”

“My days are busy, taken up with caring for my daughters, but I always find some time for “mate” (a typical drink in my country) and my knitting.”

“All the women in my family have loved textile arts and crafts. From a very young age, I was filled with the desire to make things, and quickly developed a love of sewing and knitting. I’m now the mother of two inspiring creative girls, who also love to make things with their hands – so the family tradition continues!”

“Fingerless mitts are my favourite knitted accessories, so I really enjoyed developing my design for this project. I was very happy my pattern was selected by Jeanette and Kate!”

“I love lace, and I love texture. The bobbles add a element of fun, but my aim was to create something rather simple, and yet quite elegant”

“I hope these mitts provide a beautiful complement for the hands of those who knit and wear them.”

Thankyou, Romi for this lovely pattern and for your commitment and enthusiasm – its been a joy to collaborate with you on this project! I’d also like to mention our two models – Mimi Onyekwere, and Samira Kargbo- two great Glasgow girls, who have really helped to bring our vision for this book to life.

Warm Hands book
Rhombus pattern on Ravelry
Rhombus yarn pack
See more of Romi’s design work on her Ravelry page