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Have you been following Claudia’s pattern reveals from Colour Moves on Ravelry and her blog? The designs shown in recent days are some of my favourites from the collection, and include:

Gradient Mesh – a fabulous beanie-and-gauntlet set featuring a wash of colour across a neutral background . . .

Velino – a simple mitt-and-slouch set for colder weather, worked in broken rib . . .

Jesi – a really elegant pair of gloves inspired by the diamond ashlar patterns that are a feature of many Italian Renaissance façades . . .

and Electric Ups and Downs – a pair of convertible flip-tops with a really nifty, intuitive construction.

Claudia’s colourwork designs often start from the same place: simply noticing pattern. Claudia is just one of those people who pays attention to the way patterns and motifs work together in the natural world and built environment, and can’t stop herself tracing, sketching, and testing the structural potential of what she sees. The Gradient Mesh designs, for example, developed from a chance doodle in a boring meeting, while the two-tone patterning of the Jesi gloves echo the play of light over the buildings that inspired them.

When it comes to experimenting with colour, Claudia just can’t stop herself: when creating this group of designs she tested out countless different colourways until achieving a result with which she felt finally happy. Her spirit of tireless experimentation is apparent in Gradient Mesh: working within the Milarrochy Tweed palette, the sequence of shades Claudia selected is not quite a rainbow, nor is it quite what you expect, but the end result is simply stunning.

Claudia will be sharing some of her experiments in colour over on her blog today, discussing her swatching process for Electric Ups and Downs.

This week Claudia – who lives in London, and works as an historic painting and stone conservator – has (like many of us) been addressing some really difficult questions about work and travel, managing increasing levels of uncertainty around her home, dealing with the news from Italy . . . all while working hard to launch and promote her first book. Do pop over to Ravelry to show her work some love if you have a moment.

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