how things are

Good morning, everyone. I just wanted to say a few words about how things are here against the backdrop of the extraordinary situation in which we all find ourselves.

As some of you may know, Tom has a PhD in immunology, and before he joined the business, spent 20 years researching infections and immunity. He’s had a clear sense of how things were likely to pan out for many months now, and we’ve been preparing on that basis. For example, we pre-emptively suggested my at-risk parents put themselves into self isolation many weeks ago, and are happy that they are safe in their Argyll home with its quiet routine and regular Asda food deliveries.

We have also thought very carefully about how we are able to manage the business through this, and have arranged things so that we now operate as a group of entirely separate households, working from different locations, without ever coming into contact with one another. We don’t meet or share each other’s spaces and our warehouse is a completely self-contained environment, in which just one person is now able to work alone – that person is Sam (thanks, Sam!). Sam’s dedicated one-man show means that we are able to continue processing orders, dispatches and deliveries while following strict procedures of hygiene, distancing and isolation, ensuring everyone stays protected. Our online shop remains open.

I’d also like to say something briefly about me, and this business. KDD began 10 years ago at a moment of personal crisis when I suffered life-changing disability following my stroke. Living with the effects of stroke has, in essence, been one long lesson in managing uncertainty, and I’d say if that experience has equipped me with anything it is an ability to deal with difficult change. It has also made me unusually cautious as a businesswoman. KDD has never operated beyond its means, never sought external investment, never carried any debt, and (I’m proud to say) has always been able to pay its bills and invoices when presented. I see the principal purpose of this business as being here to support the lives, livelihoods and creative activities of a small group of people (who are also my dear friends) and to celebrate the power of making among the wider communities of whom we are a part. I’m confident that we’ll be in a position to continue doing this whatever the next months bring. And here, in this space, the whole KDD team will continue to share the creative things that bring us joy, and hope that our simply being here is some small use to you, our friends and readers, wherever in the world you are.

Love to you all, stay safe, and look after one another.

Tom’s image at the top of this post shows a “hailbow”: a rainbow through a hailstorm over Loch Fyne