colour on sleeve island

One of the pleasures of working on my Knitting Season collection was allowing myself some space to develop ideas and experiment creatively with garment shapes and styles. For a few years, I’d been wanting to design a colourwork allover with a side-to-side construction that was knitted as one long tube, using steeked openings for the neck and body – and my Sleeve Island design gave me the opportunity to do just that. My Sleeve Island sample was a huge amount of fun to make, and I knitted it in two-tone monochrome shades that recalled some of the Faroese and Estonian garments that I’d found inspiring when designing it.

I used Milarrochy Tweed shades Bruce and Birkin for the colourwork, and added a pop of Buckthorn for the cuffs and edging.

I love the moody, atmospheric shots of Jane wearing Sleeve Island that feature in our Knitting Season book . . .

. . . but I have occasionally found myself wondering how Sleeve Island might look when knitted up in the full, colourful Milarrochy Tweed palette. Yesterday, thanks to my friend Liz, I found out!

Liz’s Sleeve Island uses the 16 shades of Milarrochy Tweed from our sampler pack. Her sweater has 4 complete sets of 16 stripes, knitted from right to left. Each shade appears twice in each pair of adjacent stripes as background and contrast.

Liz feels there were some stripes where she might have achieved more tonal contrast, but she loves the overall effect – particularly the shifts between the very distinct stripes and her sweater’s more muted areas.

Liz adjusted the increase and decrease rate (to accomodate slight differences in her row gauge) and decided to minimise the edging at the neck and waist because she likes the effect of the vertical stripes without any obvious edge.

I like the way these cheery stripes look too! I love it when someone else’s knitting enables me to see something I’ve designed anew – and Liz’s fabulously colourful Sleeve Island has certainly done that. Cheerful colour is definitely what’s needed at the moment – perhaps it’s time to sail away to Sleeve Island once again, and knit myself another?

Thanks for sharing your wonderful project, Liz!