a blue belt

Just a bit of weaving to show you today. I find sitting to make a plain weave belt extremely relaxing – I put on the radio or a podcast (at the moment I’m enjoying the back catalogue of the Listening Service) and work away for a few hours. Often when I’m knitting, I’m thinking ahead to the next shaping or design decision, but plain inkle weaving is now pure process for me – a sequence of gestures in which I completely lose myself – with a belt or strap happily appearing at the end.

The draft to make this particular belt is super simple – 45 threads, and just 2 colours

I wove it over the course of an afternoon. . .

. . . and rather like how its dull, greyed blue sits against the colour of this skirt, which I’m still not sure how I would describe – being neither quite brown, or yellow, or green.

As often seems to be the case right now, I wove my blue belt to accompany a new co-ordinating sweater. But I can’t show you the sweater, because I made it in our new yarn, which we are all looking forward to releasing in a few months time. We’ve developed this yarn to replace the now-discontinued coloured shades of Buachaille and I’m pleased to say that we are well ahead of schedule planning for its big reveal. We were able to complete production before the mills with whom we work ceased operating, and Mel and I are really enjoying working with it. The new yarn’s palette is rather different from Buachaille, but it does have wonderful deep dull blue in it, which might certainly act as a substitute for Buachaille’s much-missed Moonlicht Nicht shade – used in my Oa design. That’s probably as much as I can say about the new yarn right now. But I suppose I can add that I love the first sweater I’ve made with it, and I also like this simple belt, which I imagine will see frequent wear in coming months.

Today Tom and I are painting the decking, and getting some more garden planting done. What are your weekend plans?