weed watching

There’s been a fine spell of weather in our part of Scotland, and we’ve been doing quite a bit of work in the garden over the past few days. It is wonderful to see things sprouting and growing – especially the resilient blooms of flowers and plants in whose cultivation I’ve had no hand. I love the moss that grows on our old walls and the wild violets that spring up in the gaps of the paving stones around our front door. The grass around our vegetable beds raises daisies, dandelions, green alkanet, self heal, hearts ease, foxgloves and the occasional heath-spotted orchid (which should tell you something about the boggy nature of our soil). Watching weeds, like watching birds, often makes me think about about how things just get on and make use of what small room there is. A thought that definitely resonates right now.

Tom picked a couple of daisies and dandelions to take some photographs yesterday. Like many of his images, they’ve made me really look again at these familiar plants.