your thoughts welcome

Tom’s photograph of Otter Ferry, from his Light by the Sea exhibition.

Good morning! This has felt like quite a busy week: mostly, I’ve been working hard developing a new design. There’s also been some research, some writing, and some knitting for my collaboration with Pilar, my friend, in Mexico City, and Applied Arts Scotland – a really enjoyable project that I’ll say more about in coming days. Then there are broader business matters: with a couple of books in the pipeline, we’ve been considering the practicalities and possibilities of our planned releases later in the year. The current situation means there are lots of different pressures, different adaptations to be made, and quite a bit of necessarily rapid decision making (don’t worry, though, we are absolutely fine). Tom’s been completing work on his People Make Glasgow project, has been photographing everything from dandelions to meteor showers, juggling missing ingredients in the kitchen (the lack of flour now definitely a minor frustration) and planting spinach and potatoes. It’s been a week with fine weather, long walks, and an awful lot of birds – so many summer migrants are back: as well as cuckoos and housemartins, I’ve heard grasshopper warblers out on the muir and our local osprey has returned, circling over the loch behind our house in search of fish.

Despite being fairly circumscribed (I’ve personally not moved beyond a 3 mile radius since March) daily life here can be pretty varied and various, and I suppose this variety is also reflected in the subject matter of this blog, which, over the past month or so of daily posts has ranged from knitting, brewing, poetry, recipes, women’s history, live jazz, inkle weaving, book reviews, photography, buttons, walking, dog’s-eye perspectives, a drying rack, the Scots language, and a seabird’s sternum. Some of you have kindly written to say you are enjoying our daily postings (thank you). I’m really enjoying posting too, and this morning I’ve found myself wondering whether there are particular subjects / themes that you, as a reader, would like to see or hear more about here in this space? All ideas are welcome – just let us know and we’ll see what we can do (though bear in mind that the dogs are rather sparing with their wisdom, and only put paw to paper occasionally).

Please feel free to leave us your thoughts and ideas in the comments below. Enjoy your Saturday!