For KDD, as for most other small businesses, the past few months have certainly posed their difficulties. I have not talked about such difficulties here: though some things have not been easy, I’m continually reminded that, unlike so many others, absolutely nothing we’ve had to face in any way counts as hardship. I’m grateful for many things: the dedication of my whole team, and the fact that the way we have structured things means that we’ve been able to stay resilient without ever drawing on external (government) support. We’ve all continued working from our separate locations, and, thanks to everyone out there reading and knitting, we’ve been able to keep going throughout. But on top of other things, the disruption of our supply chains has made matters rather tricky.

Kate in Balmaha

We’ve intentionally focused the business on manufacturing and distributing things of our own making (rather than selling other companies’ products), and, for transparency and accountability (as well as other reasons) we like to keep our supply chains very short: Milarrochy Tweed, for example, has just two links, being spun and dyed in Donegal, and balled and banded in Yorkshire. In March, both mills closed, were unable to make our yarn, and we have, as a consequence, been gradually running out of our core essential stock. For the past few months, we’ve found ourselves in the increasingly weird situation of being a yarn business with very little yarn. Mel and Sam have been doing sterling work managing what stock we have, and helping customers with alternate colourways and kit waiting lists . . . and I’m now pleased to say that, after the recommencement of production and a very large yarn delivery, we are at last in the happy position of being able to restock the KDD shop!! Hurrah!

Kate in Balmaha

This means that many sweater kits like Balmaha – including long out-of-stock Milarrochy Tweed shades like Hirst and Tarbet – are once again available!

Kate in Balmaha

My favourite Seavaiger colourway – Ardnamurchan and Tarbet – is back in stock too . . .

. . . . we’ve also restocked the Birkin-focused kits – such as Strodie

. . . and the Let Glasgow Flourish blanket

. . . and I’m particularly pleased that Land o’Cakes – one of my favourite designs of recent months – is back in the shop as well.

If you have been on on a waiting list for any of these (or other) kits, Mel will be in touch with you today (if she hasn’t been already). I should also point out, that, due to supply chain disruption and processing delays we are still waiting for some shades – so if you are interested in Cranachan and Cowslip, or a kit involving either of these shades – there’s likely to be a short delay. And please – if you are interested in anything you see in the KDD shop that’s listed as out of stock, feel free to contact Mel by email ( – she’ll confirm the availability situation, and, if necessary, will put you on our waiting list.

Kate in Balmaha

Another change we’ve been working on over recent weeks is to offer individual pattern downloads for every design listed in the KDD shop. This means that those who can’t use Ravelry are now able to access patterns like St Catherines or Carbeth as direct PDF downloads.

It’s also worth pointing out that all of our pattern collections include a complementary digital version, which knitters can access as a direct PDF download separately from Ravelry.

Collections like Warm Hands, The Book of Haps, and Milarrochy Heids don’t just include my patterns, but the work of more than 40 different talented designers, like Claudia Fiochetti.

As we move forward with the projects we’ve got planned in coming months, we are committed to ensuring that what we do continues to make such work accessible for all knitters.

Kate in Balmaha

Have a lovely weekend, everyone.

Kate in Balmaha

Happy knitting