end of summer knitting

note: links in this post refer back to Ravelry projects and profiles.

Perhaps because I worked for so long in universities, September has always had a fresh start-of-a-new-year feel about it to me, and I suspect that might also be the case for anyone who works with (or just enjoys) yarn and knitting. Here at KDD, we’ve definitely got that September feeling: a sense of summer winding down while we busily prepare for autumn’s new things: the imminent publication of our new book (People MAKE Glasgow), the launch of our new yarn, and the introduction of a new club, and collection (of which more shortly). Earlier this week, I was looking at some of the inspiring projects that knitters have recently been making, and had a strong sense of summer being wound up, and of knitters starting to look forward to the cooler autumn months.

There’s certainly a deeply nostalgic end-of-summer vibe about this extraordinarily beautiful Tonnach cardigan, expertly knitted by Alltflyter from yarn she dyed herself. The yarn is spun in the natural fleece shades of sheep from the Åland islands, and has been overdyed with the natural dyes from lichens, onion skins, and mushrooms. I love everything about this project.

Some fabulous Treits have been appearing recently. Maylin knit a beautiful version in Brooklyn Tweed’s Vale yarn. I love the Klimt colourway she chose, and the crispness of the lace.

Treit is a design that works really well in a wide range of lightweight, lacy yarns: Ella knit hers in Jamieson and Smith Shetland Heritage Naturals (a yarn I really love) . . .

. . . and Josephine, bearing up under the heat of the Boston summer, made her lovely version in Shibui Twig (a summery blend of linen, recycled silk and wool) . . .

. . . Cia knitted her Treit from her own handspun yarn – a lustrous blend of merino and silk (read more about her project here) . . .

. . . while Claire and Kathy both began to look ahead, adding long sleeves to their Treits . . .

. . . and knitting them in the plume, and homemade jam colourways of Brooklyn Tweed’s Loft – shades with a rich, autumnal appearance.

Also knitted in Loft (held double, in the Tallow shade) Anna’s stunning Doocot has a wistful, end-of-summer vibe . . .

While Andrea describes her beautifully-knitted Yorlin (worked in Tosh merino light) as ideal for “summer and early Fall”

Debs has been on something of a summertime roll with her Coofles

After her first Coofle, she immediately knitted another for her friend Sian

Before whipping up a third fabulous version for herself.

Debs says she has a fourth Coofle planned. But will she be done by autumn?

Ari is looking forward to some cooler weather, so that she can enjoy wearing her Doocot

And, in hot and humid Brooklyn, Susan feels similarly about her Carbeth Cardigan – just waiting for its buttons.

Finally, I had to mention Paula‘s Balmaha, with its gorgeously gingery and quintessentially autumnal tweedy palette.

Thanks to all of the knitters featured for generously sharing their work! I hope you’ve enjoyed my round-up of these wonderfully inspiring end of summer projects and that you are looking forward to a wee bit of autumn weather too!