a new doocot!

Good morning, everyone! We are all very happy (and indeed somewhat relieved) to have finally revealed Schiehallion, and opened subscriptions to the 10 Years in the Making club, in the brand-new-look webshop that we’ve been working on behind the scenes.

Yes, my feet have actually left the ground in that photo – it is no mean feat to get my wonky self to levitate, let me tell you – and this image certainly conveys something of the collective excitement around here in this week of launches of so many significant projects that the whole KDD team has been working on so hard for such a long time: and there’s still People MAKE Glasgow to come at the weekend!

Today I thought I’d show you my new Doocot – the first test sweater we knitted in Schiehallion after the yarn arrived – a soft and cosy garment that I immediately loved inordinately.

Doocot is a popular and often-knitted pattern that I originally released around this time of year a couple of years ago. Worked from the top down, it is a really simple, and super-comfortable knit, with a few interesting details, such as slipped-stitch ribbing and sleeves that puff out slightly from the cuffs.

The sweater has a really comfortable wide, cropped shape. . .

That I find equally great for throwing on over long loose dresses, or pairing with high-waisted trousers.

I love sweaters that sit on or above the waist, but know this style is not for everyone. . . .

And surely one of the things that’s so great about top-down knitting is being able to adjust a sweater to a length and style that really suits you? Over on Ravelry you can see examples of more than 250 projects where knitters have made Doocot and done just that.

It also makes me really happy that many knitters use this pattern as a basic template for creating top-down sweaters to their own taste and design.

Doocot is one of my own favourite basic knits.

And it’s really nice to have a Schiehallion version to wear this autumn!

You can find the Doocot pattern on Ravelry, or as a kit or standalone download in the new-look KDD shop (um, did I mention the shop had a brand new look?).