a whole lot of yokes

Cockatoo Brae, from YOKES

We’ve been waiting for the new edition of YOKES to arrive from our printer, and I thought I’d go back through my records and check exactly how many copies we’d sold, in total, since the book was first published in December, 2014.

Yokes! – illustration by Felicity Ford

I discovered that the total number of YOKES we’ve printed and sold is (wait for it) fifteen thousand! That’s a whole lot of yokes!

Epistrophy from YOKES

If you are at all interested in our particular model of (very niche) small publishing, you may like to know that the vast majority of those copies (more than 75%) have been sold directly by us, through our online shop, over the past 6 years. In both retail and wholesale contexts, Yokes has sold the most of any of the 17 titles we’ve produced (so far) and it is a title that continues to sell well.

Frost at Midnight from YOKES

Clearly other knitters out there love YOKES as much as I do!

Ásta Sólilja from YOKES

This makes me happy, since the designs I produced for YOKES remain among my all-time favourites, and I loved the research and writing I did for this book, from exploring the complex cultural history – and important impact – of the Greenlandic nuilarmiut.

Greenland girls in their nuilarmiut

. . . to getting to meet my yoke heroine, Kirsten Olsson, and talk about Bohus design.

Kirsten Olsson in her ny azalea yoke

Having published a new yoke sweater just last week, it’s fairly obvious that I still love making them!


As well as being frequently inspired to create new yokes, I still find I have things to say and questions to ask about this style of sweater . . . so perhaps, one day I might think about YOKES 2. But in the meantime, as the new edition lands in the KDD warehouse, YOKES 1 is a project that I and the rest of the KDD team are allowing ourselves to feel a wee bit proud of today. And if you fancy acquiring the 15,001st copy, you’ll find the book is back in stock in our shop.

Keith Moon from YOKES

And, for any yarn or bookshops out there (wherever in the world you are) if you would like to stock our best-selling title (or any of our other books) please contact Sam: wholesale@katedaviesdesigns.com


Happy yoke knitting!