two-shade Sterntaucher

When we are working on a collection, Mel and I often knit several samples of a single design. This not only allows us to test and hone the pattern instructions (for maximum knit-ability, and knitterly-ness) but means we get to see how a design appears in alternate colourways. For Sterntaucher, we thought it would be fun to knit a two-shade version that’s very different from the multicoloured original.

We selected Mooring and Faded Overalls for this sample, and Mel knit the cardigan up super-quickly.

But as these are colours I love and wear a lot, I’m afraid I claimed the sample just as speedily!

We’ve had a few queries about how the construction works: the cardigan starts with a steeked section (which enables you to knit the deep band of colourwork in the round). When the colourwork is complete, you set two sets of stitches aside, while knitting across two pocket flaps, and then bind off the steek stitches to enable you to knit the rest of the cardigan back and forth. Working most of the cardigan body back and forth minimises any additional bulk from steek stitches, and the nifty way the pockets work means that the steek edges that are there (at the bottom of the cardigan) are actually very neatly contained by the garment finishing. Take a look:

Here you can see the ribbed band, the beginning of the steek, and the pocket flap, which squirrels away the raw steeked edge.

From the outside, the pocket tops are nicely completed with i-cord and the finished fabric of the garment is stable, neat and seamless.

. . . and of course very cosy!

I love the wintery feel of the two-shade Sterntaucher.

And always enjoy how a new palette makes me see a design a little differently.

If you enjoy this colourway and would like to knit yourself a two-tone Sterntaucher, we now have kits in the shop.

The pattern is also available as part of the 10 Years in the Making book, as well as an individual download, on Ravelry or in the KDD shop.