green shoots

I think the month of January – and perhaps particularly this January – often seems rather dark. These are certainly dark days for many of us around the world, but there are some visible green shoots, improving prospects, and the hope of brighter days ahead. I wanted my first design of 2021 to speak to those green shoots, and to bring a little cheer.

This is the Green Shoots Tam – a jolly hat that sings with colour!

I’ve brought our new Foxglove shade of Milarrochy Tweed together with Lochan, Hirst, Garth, and the fresh green shoots of Stockiemuir.

Bright floral and leaf motifs come together against a darker background

With an end result that’s certainly very cheery!

I particularly love Foxglove, and Stockiemuir together.

This is a project that, for me, has brought some brightness to the horizon of the coming year.

And if the hat that one wears is a metaphor for one’s occupation or sense of purpose, I hope to keep these bright green shoots in mind (and on my head) throughout the dark early months of 2021.

The pattern is available on Ravelry or as a single download from the KDD shop, where you’ll find kits too.