out cold

We seem to be in the middle of a fairly sustained cold snap in our part of Scotland. Icy days have been followed by snowy ones, with bitter temperatures and freezing fog. I personally like quite chilly weather, and particularly enjoy its transformative effect on my surrounding landscape. During a cold spell, everything starts to look quite different, and rapidly changing light and visibility often prompt me to regard many familiar things anew. And certainly, a long walk is a good way to stay warm! As long as I have cosy layers, sturdy boots, and a decent set of crampons, I’m away.

Here are some photos from the past few days walking, in the cold.

freezing fog on Carbeth Loch
blue and gold
up the hill . . .
white out!
a sparkling day
trees under a fresh snowfall
runic pheasant feet
this way? or that?
wandering home . . .
through the woods.