Friday is pattern reveal day, and I have a brand new sweater design to show you! I’m a huge fan of the arched Selbu motifs which are most often traditionally used on gloves and mittens and you’ll see the long-standing influence of these motifs on my design work in hats like Richard the Roundhead, or Hat 101. But why hats and why not a sweater? Interlocking colourwork arches certainly have a great allover continuity (which I discovered when designing Ursula and Strathendrick). Anyway, in a monochrome mood a month or so ago, I felt a strong yen to design a two-tone sweater featuring allover Selbu arches.

Orchle and Hat 101

As things ended up, I actually designed two arch-y sweaters, but have just the first to show to you today – Orchle (this is a Scots word, meaning arch).


Orchle is a super-comfortable, oversized sweater, that’s worked in the round, from the bottom up.


This design is about the deep colourwork panel that’s worked around the lower body.


But there’s also some careful shaping around the upper body to make the sweater fit really comfortably: the back neck is raised, the shoulder “seam” faces slightly forwards, and the shoulders are shaped into a gentle, natural slope with short rows.


The fit is roomy, but not at all bulky: sitting nicely under a jacket, for example.

I find this a really comfortable shape that’s wonderful for winter layering (there’s a vest and baselayer upholstering this outfit, before the shirt and sweater!)

Orchle is fitted by selecting the size above your hip circumference: I’m wearing my sweater with 12 inches positive ease at the hip and would suggest a fit with between 6 and 14 inches ease.

As I did with Hat 101, I’ve combined the Squall shade of Buachaille with the Crowdie shade of Schiehallion. Both are natural fleece shades, spun to exactly the same weight and yardage, but they have quite a different woolly composition and character (Schiehallion features lots of Corriedale, while Buachaille is mostly Shetland). I found this combination really satisfying, and I’ve definitely been enjoying working with my two sheepy yarns, and seeing how well they work together!


Temperatures were well below freezing when we shot these photos at first light.

There was no wind, and a little warmth in the pale sun.

It was a truly beautiful day for a walk – which we took advantage of immediately after these shots were taken!

Whatever the weather is like where you are, I hope you have a chance to get outside today.

Happy walking, and happy knitting, everyone!

We now have Orchle kits available and the pattern is available to download from the KDD shop or Ravelry.