Happy Friday! Just a quick post today, as I wanted to show you this version of my Knowe design – one of the pieces from 10 Years in the Making that I seem to have worn most in recent months.


Is Knowe a snood, cowl, or a caplet? I don’t care what you call it, but on a cold day around here it does the job just fine!

Knowe in the snowe

Because of the choice of constructions in the pattern (which can be knitted top down or bottom up) Mel and I actually test knitted three separate versions of this design last summer. I immediately claimed two of the samples for my own wardrobe – the version that I’m wearing in the book . . .

and this one.

Quite apart from the fact that Daunder and Faded Overalls is a combination of shades with which I’m clearly currently quite obsessed, I’ve found I really enjoy wearing Knowe both outdoors and indoors on chilly days.

Knowe is designed in six sizes (measured around the top of your shoulders). It’s a quick, fun and super-useful knit, and if you’d like to make yourself one, I finally got around to adding kits in this colourway to the shop.

The other exciting news around here is that I had my first Covid jag a few days ago! Due to my stroke, I’m in an at risk group, and for the past year my life has been (in some respects) quite limited: for example, I’ve not been in a shop or petrol station or literally any interior / public space with any other people in it since our trip to Tighnabruaich last March. Things have not been hard for me: I’m really lucky to live in this wonderful place, to work from home, to be able to get outside every day and (most of all) to live with someone as supportive and caring as Tom. But I’m sure he’s going to appreciate having a wee break from the food shopping as soon as I’ve built up some antibodies!

Thanks to my local NHS for, as always, being brilliant.