plan B

Hiya, it is I, Bruce

it is I, Bruce

Today I am here to tell you about the thing known as PHOTOSHOOT, which, if you don’t know, is the given term for a distinctive human means of ruining a perfectly good WALK.

This is Kate wearing Jibbie, in Mooring and Faded Overalls

During PHOTOSHOOT there is not, in fact, much WALK at all, but an awful lot of standing still.

Kate stands still wearing a sweater or other woolly things. Tom stands still making noises with a camera. And of course, we dogs must join in, and stand still too. At some point, Tom is very likely to say “get out of the shot, Bruce” at which point one has to move elsewhere, and begin to stand still once again.

From a dog’s perspective, PHOTOSHOOT is very boring.

Photoshoot? YAWN!

But as I have been carefully teaching my young pal BOB, the best thing for a canny canine to do during PHOTOSHOOT is to do one’s level best to disrupt proceedings.

In PHOTOSHOOT disruption Plan A, one pretends to be a Very Good Dog, while continually bothering Kate . . .

Until she caves . . .

. . . and dispenses the inevitable SNACK.

But if PHOTOSHOOT continues, one must resort to plan B.

Plan B involves convincing Kate that the part you play in PHOTOSHOOT is, in fact, that of a leading character rather than a minor role.

When executing plan B, BOB’s method of stealing the limelight tends to be more forthright than that of yours truly.

I, for example, am a dog of far too much dignity to resort to the desperate measures of leaping about and shouting.

BOB’s not subtle, but with plan B he gets results!

PHOTOSHOOT ceases! WALK recommences! Hurrah for plan B! Hurrah for noisy BOB!

See you soon, love Bruce.

Um, thanks for the blog hijack, Bruce. Really, all I wanted to do was show everyone the new JIBBIE I’d knitted in Mooring and Faded Overalls.