Chloë, not cancer

Here is a lovely story to brighten your Monday, from KDD customer, Samantha, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer after ordering her Seavaiger kit. Samantha went through two surgeries and several months of chemotherapy and, as she puts it: “it seemed like knitting would be a perfect activity to help me through my convalescence, but when I would try, I was rarely able to make it through a row. Right before my sixth and final chemo session, I adopted my dog Chloë. She had been through a lot, too, and had been shuttled between animal rescue organizations for about the same amount of time that I had been ill. We saved each other.”

Samantha and Chloë in their matching Seavaigers!

“Chloë motivated me to move and take walks outside, and she happily snuggled with me when I didn’t feel well enough to go anywhere. I gradually gained strength, and eventually picked up my knitting again. When I finally finished my sweater, I had a bit of leftover wool, and hatched a plan to make my dog a sweater to match! Inspired by Dana Williams-Johnson (and her dog Jellybean), I set out to make a custom piece just for my Chloë. Here is the result.”

“It gives me such joy to see her in it, and I hope it gives you pleasure, as well.

As Elizabeth Zimmermann put it, “Knit on with confidence and hope through all crises”

You can read more about Samantha’s process on her Ravelry project page. Thanks so much, Samantha, for sharing the story of your and Chloë’s superb Seavaigers. May you both wear them in happiness and good health!

Follow Dana Williams-Johnson at her blog Yards of Happiness and read about her formula for creating custom dog sweaters in this great post she wrote for MDK