My default design-mode always turns towards sweaters. . . .and it seems that of late my default knitting-mode has turned that way too.

Strorchle – a stripey Orchle

Since the start of this year, I’ve actually knitted seven sweaters. This is the last of that number.

Since swatching a particular sequence of stripes a few weeks ago, I was gripped with the desire to knit a sweater in which the sequence featured.

Strorchle stripes!

There are five shades of Schiehallion used here: Faded Overalls, Daunder, Crowdie, Eileen and Rhubarb. Somehow I find this particular palette, this particular 2 row sequence, pleasing, calming and rather nostalgia-inducing. I can’t quite explain why. Perhaps it reminds me of a childhood t-shirt, or of the late 1970s more generally . . . I don’t know.

I really enjoy the shape and comfortable fit of Orchle, and thought a stripey one might be just the ticket. I love the look of the allover stripes, and this is certainly a sweater that’s very easy to wear.

Since the weather has turned so lovely and spring-like, I’ve been particularly enjoying layering my Strorchle over a dress and leggings.

I think it’s interesting how colours and motifs make you see a design differently. In terms of general pattern and dimensions, Strorchle is essentially the same sweater as the original Orchle, but the look and feel of the two is rather different!

Perhaps the simple stripes make the sweater feel more easy or more casual? I don’t know.

I love both sweaters in any case, but Strorchle somehow feels just right for early Spring.

Anyway, if you feel similarly torn between Strorchle and Orchle, if you buy either pattern on Ravelry, the other will be automatically added to your library. So, perhaps if you, like me, get the yen, and are on a sweater-knitting roll, you can go on to knit them both. And if you find you are as fond of this stripe sequence as I am, we also have Strorchle kits in the shop, in all sizes.

I’ve really enjoyed my new-year roll of seven Schiehallion sweaters, but think that it has now reached an end, or perhaps just a natural hiatus, as I’m working on two other projects. One of these projects involves Milarrochy Tweed – post-Brexit supplies of which have been eagerly awaited (those of you on our notification list will be happy to know that it shouldn’t be too long now until we are able to replenish our out-of-stock shades), and the other is a collaboration with some former colleagues in eighteenth-century studies, and a brilliant British company whose yarns I’ve always loved. More of both projects very shortly!

It feels good, in any case, to look forward to new projects, new patterns, new publications, as the seasons change. I heard the joyful sound of my first Meadow Pipit of the year while we were out taking these photos. . .

. . . Spring is definitely on the way!