inkling is out

Morning, everyone – it’s been one of those weeks when everything seems to happen all at once. Copies of our new book, Inkling, have arrived from the printer!

Inkling is out!

. . . and we have also released the Collar de Pilar pattern and kit

Collar de Pilar

It was very exciting to unwrap copies of the Inkling book which, as well as four simple drafts for plain and pick up bands (to weave on an inkle loom) includes eleven of my favourite recent designs in Milarrochy Tweed – a great, lightweight yarn for spring and summer knitting. As well as Collar de Pilar, there’s Yorlin . . .


. . . the Green Shoots tam and mittens . . .

Green shoots tam
Green shoots mittens

. . . Treit (two ways)

Long-sleeved Treit
Kate in Treit
Cap-sleeved Treit

Seavaiger . . .

. . . The Brilliant Corners hat . .

. . . and Land o’ Cakes yoked cardigan, both of which explore the same technique of creating pattern and colour with offset-corrugated rib.

Land o’ Cakes

There’s also Con Alma, a simple lightweight vest (or slipover) . . .

Beamer – a triangular shawl for summer knitting.


And, finally, Coofle, which features on the cover of the book


Coofle – a sort of graphic puzzle – exemplifies the general spirit of this book, which foregrounds the creative importance of simply pursuing small ideas, and seeing what turns up. With these designs I knit my way through last spring and summer, with no idea what was going to happen next, and no real intention of gathering what I was doing into a collection (which is honestly not how I usually tend to work). Yet, grouped together, as a wee gang of inklings they have a real coherence. I love them as a collection, and am really pleased with the look and feel of the Inkling book – our nineteenth. . .

. . . and, of course, we are already hard at work on the project that will form our twentieth published title – Bluestockings. It is because you enjoy our books that I get to enjoy developing and publishing them. Thank you.

So, Inkling is now out, and available from the KDD shop. Wholesale customers can now order this title too. (If you are a yarn store or bookshop and would like to stock this (or any of our other titles) just contact Sam: