Bran & pals

I think the point at which one decides to get a third dog is when you admit to yourself that you really are a dog person.

Hello, I am BRAN!

. . . or perhaps that point is reached when the dogs outnumber the humans in one’s household?

either way, I am most definitely a dog person (living with another dog person).

. . . and am very happy to say that one of these wee guys will be joining Bruce, Bobby and Tom and Kate, the dog people, in a few weeks time.

Yes, it is I, BRAN. . .

His name is Bran, and Bran is, in fact Bobby’s brother (from another litter, and the same mother).

Like Bobby, Bran is spending his first few weeks on the farm, where his mum lives and works, and we’ve been able to spend quite a bit of time with him and his wee pals (an unarguably nice way to unwind).

Bran is growing up quite quickly now, and we are all really looking forward to bringing him home!

I’m sure Bran will introduce himself properly, and have things to say to you in due course. . . .

See you soon, love BRAN! x