Claire’s sarkle

I’m sure lots of you already know Claire – she’s a superb knitter, lives in my old stomping ground of Edinburgh, and, for many years, has managed our friendly KDD Ravelry group. Claire is also the person whose positive experiences and super-stylish demonstration of grey hair inspired me to finally embrace my own.

Claire, you are my hair icon and I salute you!

As you see, Claire and I are flying the flag here for grey-haired women in grey knitwear. And I’m particularly happy Claire has been persuaded into modelling, because although we are the same height, we are different shapes. Claire knitted Sarkle in the fifth size, and to the regular, rather than the cropped length of my sweater. She looks fantastic.

Claire also chose to knit her sweater in the Horkel shade of Ooskit. I was interested to see how this dark charcoal grey would work for this pattern . . . .

And just love how Claire’s yoke looks!

It is a symphony of subtle texture.

This is one of those yoke patterns whose intuitive logic makes it a lot of fun to work. Both Claire and I really enjoyed knitting it.

So as well as the Riach colourway I showed you yesterday, we now have Horkel kits in all sizes in the shop, and if you’ve already yarn in hand and want to knit yourself a Sarkle like Claire’s, the pattern is also available as a single download from the KDD shop or Ravelry.

Thanks for the brilliant test knitting and modelling, Claire! But I’m afraid there’s no going back now – who knows when Tom and I will next pop up in your garden for another knitwear shoot?