Claire in Easwas

A very quick post today to show you my second sample of the Easwas hat, which I knitted up in the darker Horkel shade of Ooskit, and which is very kindly modelled here by Claire, in her front garden.

Easwas in Horkel

Textured patterns in darker yarns can be quite tricky to photograph, but I think the converging lines of this motif still work really well in this more subtle shade.

Claire sometimes finds it difficult to get hats to fit well, as her head is on the larger side. She was doubtful that a hat that I had knitted for myself would work for her, but was pleased to find this was not the case.

See, Claire? It fits!

Claire’s head circumference is a couple of inches bigger than mine, but this hat is sufficiently slouchy and roomy to work very well on us both (for reference, my head circumference is 51cm / 20 in and Claire’s is 56cm / 22 in) But despite Claire’s insistence that this Easwas looks much better on her, I’m afraid I took it away with me, and I intend to keep on wearing it.

. . . my apologies, Claire! The hat is mine!

I’ll be back tomorrow to show you how I like to block my hats.