Morning, everyone – it’s Friday and time for a new pattern!


Obviously, I needed a cosy cowl to match my Easwas hat . . .

. . . and so I knitted Gruggle! (The name is an old Scots word that means an angle or a corner)

Gruggle features the same pattern of twisted stitches as Easwas, whose different angles are formed by working twists on each round, and on alternate rounds. Elongating this pattern makes its interlocking stars and triangles a little more apparent.

Gruggle is knit as a top-down tube. Changing needle size half-way through means you can block the cowl into a funnel shape that sits nicely around the neck and shoulders.

This is a straightforward pattern that you could easily adapt to feature different motifs from Norah Gaughan’s Twisted Stitch Sourcebook. I’m going to talk in a couple of future posts about how you might go about doing just that.

But if you are a matchy-matchy type like me, and need your neckwear to chime with your geodesic heid palace (thanks, Felix) then this is the cowl is for you!

Like the other accessories in this series, Gruggle is a one-skein pattern, which you could whip up with a skein from your Ooskit sampler.

We also have Gruggle kits, and the pattern is of course available as a single download from the KDD shop or Ravelry.

I’ll be back soon to talk more about the method of forming twisted stitches that is used in this group of patterns, and why I like it so much.

In the meantime, happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend!