What are jinkies?

Jinkies !

Jinkies is a word with several, related Scots meanings: it can refer to merrymaking (as in “high jinks”); to a sneaky trick or frolic; to a swift or nimble movement from side to side, or to hidden corners, nooks and crannies.

The addictive twisted stitch pattern that features on these mitts is composed entirely of nooks and crannies . . .

. . . it shifts about nimbly from side to side. . . .

. . . and you may well feel very merry while you are making it!

I designed these Jinkies in two lengths. I’m wearing the gauntlet / elbow length, and Claire is wearing a pair of shorter mitts.

The mitts are a quicker and slightly simpler knit than the gauntlets.

Will you wear your Jinkies short or long?

Fold the top rib down, or wear it up?

You can easily adapt your Jinkies to the length you like, by working fewer or more repeats. For me, this motif had a seriously one-more-row addictive quality – I found I just had to keep on going!

If you want to make your Jinkies elbow-length, it’s a good idea to divide your 100g skein in two to ensure you get the most out of your yarn, and can make an equal pair.

And if you are knitting your Jinkies with Ooskit, I think that they work really nicely alongside the other twisted stitch accessories I’ve been designing in this pattern series, such as the Easwas hat

Claire in Jinkies and Easwas

So – the Jinkies pattern is now on Ravelry and we have downloads and kits (in both pictured colourways) in the KDD shop.

Wishing you a weekend full of high jinks!