Hello, everyone! A new pattern for you today – Hirne.


Hirne is essentially a cardigan-ised iteration of Sarkle, featuring the same satisfying circular yoke design of zig-zagging twisted stitches. We often receive requests for detailed instructions to modify my cardigans into pullovers or vice versa: often the best thing to do in these circumstances is to just make things easier for everyone and write up the pattern!

Hirne is knitted in the round, with a bridge of extra stitches added at the front to form a steek.

After the steek is cut open, button bands are picked up along the reinforced steek edge and finished neatly with i-cord buttonholes. If you’ve not tried steeking a cardigan before, it’s really not that difficult or scary. I have a series of straightforward tutorials to help you and the instructions in the pattern for the buttonband are very clear and detailed: why not give it a go?

a happy steeker!

Personally, I love this simple method (and it is simple) of working and finishing off a buttonband, but if you aren’t a huge fan of i-cord buttonholes, you could replace them with whichever method you prefer.

My Hirne is knitted in the Domra shade of Ooskit – a light to mid-grey that’s very similar in tone to the Haar shade from our previous Buachaille range.

I tend to wear my cardigans fairly cropped and close, but opted for a slightly roomier fit here with Hirne.

I’m wearing the second size, with between 5 and 6 inches of positive ease, but less ease would work equally well, I think, if you prefer a neater fit. And if you are wondering about the range, I’ve designed Hirne in 12 sizes which run from 35 to 62½ inches.

Like the other patterns in this series, Hirne has a Scots name – in this instance meaning cosy nook, or corner.

Which is pretty much what you want from a cardigan!

These photos were taken several weeks ago, and have a definitely autumnal feel. Over the past few days in Scotland, it has really felt as if autumn’s changed quite suddenly to winter.

It’s certainly sweater weather!

The Hirne pattern is now available from the KDD shop or Ravelry and we of course have kits available in all sizes too.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!