gorse / Glenan

So, my Glenan obsession, it seems, continues: I was enjoying wearing my long-sleeved gansey so much, I just had to have a vest-version!

Sleeveless Glenan

I thought the cabled shoulder panels would lend themselves very nicely to a cap-sleeve treatment, and am very happy that this proved to be the case.

It’s just a question of picking up, and knitting, a few rounds of 2×2 rib around the armscye.

And bingo! You have a vest that is just the thing for the changeable weather of a Scottish spring.

I’ve made the sleeveless version of Glenan available as a separate pattern, but if you purchase either the long-sleeved or the sleeveless version, you’ll receive the other version free (because like me, you might well find yourself in need of two Glenans!)

There are so many things I love about this practical and jolly vest – its colour is at the top of the list!

The daunder shade of our Schiehallion yarn is certainly the perfect yellow for this time of year, with all the gorse in bloom.

If you’d like to knit yourself a jolly sleeveless Glenan, we have kits in the KDD shop, and the pattern is available from the shop or Ravelry.

Enjoy your weekend!