holding pattern

Hello! Sorry it’s seemed a little quiet around here of late! I thought I’d just pop in and say hi!

friendly coo says hi too

For the past few weeks, I have been spending much of my time managing the the recruitment process for our new staff member. I honestly had no idea what an intense, overwhelming and humbling experience this would prove to be. We had so many applications from so many brilliant women (yes, more than 99% of the applicants were women) with a massively wide ranging skillset, at different stages of their lives. It felt like an enormous privilege just to read the candidates’ application letters.

As I said, the whole thing was very humbling, and in this respect (as well as many others) it bore little resemblance to any recruitment process I’d been involved in previously. I’d like to thank everyone who applied, spoke to me in person, or expressed interest in the role – seriously, thank you. Eventually, the team whittled the longlist down to a handful of interviewees – each one of whom I would happily have made space for in the company if it were possible – and we were able to make an offer which has been accepted. Hurrah! More of our brilliant new colleague, no doubt, anon.

I have also been managing a painful rotator cuff injury – the perhaps inevitable consequence of one, small, wonky person attempting to manage three large, boisterous labradors.

Bran – on the left – is getting quite big now

A change of routine and some rest has been necessary, which for me has perhaps been more annoying than inspiring.

We’ve also changed the dogs’ collar and lead arrangement to a harness thingy to stop pulling (which all three have a tendency to do, especially at the start of a walk – one of the few times they actually need to be on a lead). Having tried other solutions, I was skeptical about this, but I honestly could have cried with relief when it became clear that the thing actually worked, and I would no longer have to worry about further damage to my back and shoulder.

Since my stroke, my left shoulder has remained much weaker than my right, and in some ways it has been useful to have this reminder that I need to continue to work to retain strength and function in the left side of my upper body. It’s also been good to have some input from a knowledgeable physio once again – and my new exercises are already making a difference.

Having felt a great deal of uncertainty about our new appointment, and a not inconsiderable amount of frustration with my shoulder, it really is a huge relief to have these things resolved, and to start moving forward once again!


What else? I’ve been wearing my new Horology a lot.

And with our new colleague in place, we are now ready to recommence work on the designs and projects we’ve got planned for Autumn and Winter – how exciting!

Tom and I are going to take a short midsummer break next week – see you when we’re back!

Enjoy your weekend