Loch Clair and Loch Coulin

We enjoyed some wonderful days walking in Wester Ross, but I think that this walk was probably my favourite – around Loch Clair and Loch Coulin.

It was a great walk for me, because most of it was on low-lying level paths like this . . .

or the occasional section of gravel track like this.

It makes a massive difference to my energy levels if I’m not having to think about my balance or the likelihood of falling; or continually consider where to place my feet, or how to best position my left leg for the next big step up or down. Sometimes a good, long, flat-ish yomp really is great.

Particularly when you are yomping amidst spectacular scenery like this!

The views we enjoyed during this walk were extraordinary.

It seemed that every turn in the path heralded yet another stunning vista of Sgùrr Dubh and Beinn Eighe. . .

. . . with the distinctive shapes of the hills reflected in the water . . .

. . . or illuminated in passing shafts of sunlight through the clouds.

Wester Ross has so many unarguably stunning landscapes to enjoy on foot . . .

Even when the walking is low level!

It was a beautiful day to enjoy this glorious landscape, and we followed the route in this book, which, with an extra stretch at either end, and some enjoyable pottering about ended up around 12km. This is a fairly long distance for my wonky post-stroke body, but it was a totally straightforward walk for me, and I wasn’t shattered by the end.

A very highly recommended route, for yompers, for photographers, and those who happen to be both.