Crochet provisional cast on (tutorial)

This cast on is useful for many of my designs: hats (with a folded hem), haps (with a lace edging) or sweaters (in which the rib or edging is worked after the rest of the garment is complete).

Step 1 Make a slip knot and place on your crochet hook. Wrap
yarn over the hook.

Step 2: Pull the yarn through the loop on the hook. Continue to wrap the yarn and pull through the loop (making a chain) until you have the correct number of chains. My patterns generally recommend creating 10 chains more than the number of stitches you need to cast on.


Step 3 Look at the rear of the chain, and you should see there are bumps (as opposed to the V shapes on the front of the chain).


Step 4 Take your knitting needle and pick up bumps (from front to back) until you have the correct number of cast on stitches specified in the pattern. Having 10 extra chains means that you can skip a bump or two if they are too tight, if necessary.