Tarradale tutorial

Follow this tutorial to turn, twist, and join the Tarradale hat by Emily Williams for double knitting.

1. Beginning at the lockable stitch marker, transfer the stitches from the provisional cast on to the below gauge-size needle. The last stitch will be incomplete.

2. Use the yarn tail and a tapestry needle to complete the last stitch, by threading the yarn over the right hand needle and through the stitch below from front to back.

3. The crown will now look like this, with the needles at opposite ends of the tube.

4. Fold the knitting in on itself, with wrong sides innermost and yarn B on the outside.

5. Twist the needle holding yarn A half a turn (180 degrees) so that both needles are now aligned.

6. Transfer all stitches to the gauge-size (working) needle as follows: Slip 1 purlwise from the front needle (yarn B), then slip 1 purlwise from the back needle (yarn A). Continue alternating stitches from each needle until they have all been transferred. Rejoin yarn A to the tail.

7. Now work a German short row with yarn A as follows: With both yarns at the back of the work, k1 with B

8. Bring both yarns to the front of the needles. Slip 1 purlwise.

9. Bring yarn A over the top of the RH needle to the back, pulling to create a double stitch as shown. Bring B to the back of the work between the needles, k1 with B. Bring both yarns to the front between the needles and p1 with A. On the next round, work the double stitch as one, to close the short row gap.

Continue working from the pattern to complete your hat.

Tutorial photography and text by Emily Williams.