My Place

My Place is a project where designers use their knitting to explore their sense of place in the world

In 2021, talented designers took us to intriguing locations to discover their place


We travelled with Virginia Sattler-Reimer to Gitchi-Gami and the shores of Lake Superior


We explored a golden age of Irish Art with Eimear Earley

Na Séasúir

The colours of Mary O’Shea’s design turned with her, through the seasons

The Thaw

Rebecca Osborn reflected on the changing climate of the Canadian Arctic, and her place in a landscape that’s both fragile and resilient


Nicole Wagler taught us about eighteenth-century porcelain, and her sense of place in Messien

Out of the woods

Outi Kater was inspired by Finnish childhood winters and restorative woodland spaces

Journey of mind

Diana Niedobova wrote frankly and courageously about how her experience of depression informs her sense of place

Norwegian Forest

Christina Campbell discovered that her sense of place involved absence and presence -simultaneously

Winter’s End

At a time of personal loss, Bonnie Sennott found inspiration in the seasonal colours and rhythms of a local farm

My Place is all about giving designers space

To share their work and creative process here, in their own words

We enjoyed My Place so much we decided to do it again!

Would you like to share your place with us?

My Place 2022

Could you design a hat inspired by your place in the world (however you define it?)

All you need to do is:

Create a hat inspired by YOUR PLACE in Milarrochy Tweed (see yarn support scheme below)

Photograph your hat and write a short description, explaining its inspiration.

Post the image and description in the My Place thread in our Ravelry group or send it to us by email:

Closing date for entries: Monday November 1st, 2021.

Winning entries will be posted here, on the KDD blog in Spring, 2022


We specifically encourage submissions from:
* designers from under-represented / marginalised groups (BIPOC, disabled, LGBTQ+)
* designers on low or limited incomes (eg: carers, students)
* designers at the very beginning of their careers

Yarn support

To encourage submissions from under-represented groups, the My Place competition includes a yarn support scheme. It is for you to decide whether you, as an individual, “need” to apply for yarn support under this scheme. All you’ll have to pay for is the shipping for your yarn (charges will be minimal, wherever in the world you are).

Note that any application to the scheme will be accepted by us without question, judgment or requirement for explanation.

To apply for yarn support under the scheme
Please send an email to us at with “My Place” as the subject heading, including:
*a short written description of your planned design
*a sketch suggesting its final appearance
*an estimate of the yarn required (eg, the number of shades required to knit your hat)

On receipt of your application
We’ll let you know which shade(s) of yarn are available for you to knit your sample, and issue you with a Paypal invoice to ship your yarn. Once your shipping invoice is paid, we will ship your yarn to you, and you can get straight to work on your My Place design!

Please note that:
shade choices under this scheme are limited; final decisions about shades and yarn quantities assigned to each applicant are made by us, and that yarn support under this scheme will only be available for the first 100 designer applicants (or until we run out of yarn), whichever happens first and applying for the scheme constitutes your assurance that the yarn support that we provide will be used for the purpose of creating a design sample for the My Place competition, to be submitted by the deadline.

7 replies to My Place
  1. Very exciting !
    please could you clarify the closing date – I can’t read the white writing against a pale moon !


  2. Oh, I love this space! And might start thinking about my own design for 2022.

    And – sorry to be picky – but the design of Nicole Wagler should read Zwiebelmuster and not Zweibelmuster on the front page – the main page itself is correct.


      1. :-) – it’s the same for my English husband. And I can really understand it, given the fact that the English “ei” gives the correct pronunciation of the German “ie”.

        Liked by 1 person

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